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    Japanese cooking class


    Cooking class for tourists/観光客向け料理教室

    *Cooking class for tourists is closed awhile due to COVID-19 outbreak.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Regular course for residents will be started this autumn.


    Japanese cooking class for Kids


    will be started this autumn



    Kids class for fun learning Japanese cooking in English.

    For English speakers and English learners.




    Visit service


    YOROKOBI kitchen can arrange cooking classes in desired places such as Japanese language schools, event venues, etc.)



    Recipe development for corporate customers


    YOROKOBI kitchen creates Vegetarian/Vegan/Muslim friendly recipes for food companies and restaurants.



    Special events



    Cookie Decorating Lesson

    detailed information





    Dessert Plating Lesson

    detailed information is coming up soon...




    - We have had sanitizes at the entrance to the house and at the kitchen where classes are held.

    - Seating capacity of classes is a maximum of6 people.

    -We wear mouth shields or masks.

    -The wearing of face masks for guests is advised.

  • Classes For Tourists

    *Classes for Tourists are closed awhile due to COVID-19 outbreak.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    SUSHI class   

    for sushi lovers!


    ●Assorted Sushi (each person will make 4 pieces of nigiri, 1 piece of inari and sushi roll)

    Miso soup

    ●Fresh wasabi


    Welcome drink (Japanese barley tea)

    Your choice of drink with meal

    Seasonal fruits

    ※ sushi toppings may differ based on the season

    GYOZA class


    In this class, you will learn how to make not only fillings also wrappers from scratch.


    ●GYOZA DUMPLINGS (6 pieces)

    2 side dishes

    ●Miso soup



    Welcome drink (Japanese barley tea)

    Your choice of drink with meal

    Seasonal fruits

    KATSU CURRY class

    Japanese curry and chicken cutlet is the best combination.


    ●Japanese curry

    ●Chicken cutlet

    ●1 side dish

    ●Miso soup


    Welcome drink (Japanese barley tea)

    Your choice of drink with meal

    Seasonal fruits

    OYAKO-DON class   

    One of the most popular donburi dishes


    Oyako-don (chicken & egg on rice)

    ●2 side dishes

    ●Miso soup


    Welcome drink (Japanese barley tea)

    Your choice of drink with meal

    Seasonal fruits

    OKONOMIYAKI class   

    DELICIOUS JAPANESE DISH loved by men and women of all ages!


    Okonomiyaki with beef (Japanese savory pancakes with beef)

    ●2 side dishes

    ●Miso soup


    Welcome drink (Japanese barley tea)

    Your choice of drink with meal

    Seasonal fruits

    TAKOYAKI class

    not only taste good also fun to make!


    Takoyaki (octopus balls)

    ●2 side dishes

    ●Miso soup


    Welcome drink (Japanese barley tea)

    Your choice of drink with meal

    Seasonal fruits

    ONIGIRI class

    simple menu but essential part in Japanese foOD culture


    Onigiri (3 rice balls)

    Tamagoyaki (rolled omlette)

    Karaage (Japanese styled fried chicken)

    Tsukemono ( Japanese pickled vegetable)

    ●Miso soup


    Welcome drink (Japanese barley tea)

    Your choice of drink with meal

    Seasonal fruits

    We are always happy to arrange your class upon your request .

    Ramen, Katsudon, Gyudon and others...feel free to let us know your request!

    How to book

    Please click HERE to book.

    Once we receive your booking request, we will send you a confirmation email with a request for the payment. Credit card payment through PayPal in advance is required. Your booking will be completed after the payment.

    Please make a book at least 3 days prior to the lesson.


    Cancellation Policy

    ― More than 7 days to the scheduled class - full refund

    ― 7 days to 72 hours prior - 50% refund

    ― No shows and less than 72 hours - not refundable

    Please notify us via email (mail@yorokobi-kitchen.tokyo). We will refund your credit card through PayPal

  • Access & Map



    1 Chome, Kashiwa-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo

    (Detailed home address will be given after your booking is completed)

    Closest station : IZUMI TAIIKUKAN (Tama Monorail)

    10-minute-walk from the station

    Parking space is available in the compound (please ask)

  • News


    Noodle Tasting Event was held by Shigeno noodle-making company and YOROKOBI kitchen.

    The Report by Sofia Kartika


    (Indonesian インドネシア語)


    YOROKOBI kitchen was featured on the blog post in THE NERDVENTURISTS !



    Nahoko got interviewed as a host providing Japanese cooking class for international visitors. 

    https://share.jp/host-interview/tadaku_nahoko_ouchi/ (Japanese 日本語)


    Resistered as one of Japanese tadaku hosts to spread the enjoyment of Japanese cooking experience to more people!

    https://youtu.be/ah-mt_p3kpU (youtube)

    http://www.halalmedia.jp/archives/29658/tadaku-with-locals/ (English)

    http://www.halalmedia.jp/ja/archives/29658/tadaku-with-locals/ (Japanese 日本語)


    Nahoko got interviewed as a part of 100夢 project by Kaede Takase. 

    https://www.peace-free.com/no-50-nahoko  (Japanese 日本語)


  • Message from YOROKOBI kitchen

    Hi! I’m Nahoko Ouchi, a cooking instructor here and recipe developer. Thank you for visiting YOROKOBI kitchen's website. Cooking has been my big passion since I was little. Also, I always love to share Japanese culture with people from other countries. Through my whole cultural experiences such as living in the U.S, joining a cultural exchange project, working in Australia, becoming a host family for an exchange student in my home in Tokyo, and traveling abroad made me decide to found a Japanese cooking class for international visitors from all over the world.


    In class, you will make delicious authentic Japanese dishes using Japanese unique ingredients and cookware.


    I would like you enjoy healthy food here, so I pick only fresh ingredients and seasonings containing no food additives and preservatives.


    All recipes are developed reproducible. Printed recipes are also provided. You will be able to make what you learn at the class again easily at home.


    To meet your dietary needs, always happy to give you a class flexibly arranged following your requests. Please feel free to share your dietary restrictions, food allergies or religious restrictions with us.


    YOROKOBI is Japanese word for happiness. YOROKOBI kitchen is always here to offer you some happy moments through Japanese cooking!


    YOROKOBI kitchen

    cooking INSTRUCTOR

    Nahoko Ouchi :

    • was born and grew up in Tokyo
    • is a cook, cooking instructor and recipe developer
    • has 10+ years of work experience in the food service Industry including hands-on experience at a Japanese restaurant

    • loves cooking, baking and eating!

    • loves traveling and cultural exchange

    YOROKOBI kitchen




    • 大学卒業後は都内飲食店(The Earl)にて、ニュージーランド人のオーナー始め、アメリカ、ブラジル、フランス、チェコ、ハンガリーなど国際色豊かなスタッフと共に唯一の日本人スタッフとして働きながら実務経験を積む
    • 2010年 在職中に祐成陽子クッキングアートセミナー フード―コーディネーター養成コース受講。フードスタイリング、レシピ開発を学ぶ。
    • 2011年 調理師免許取得
    • 2015年 退職後渡豪。シドニーのローカルカフェ、和食レストランにて海外の飲食店勤務を経験。
    • 2016年末 帰国後、外国人向け料理教室YOROKOBI kitchenを開業。 
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